Thursday, 31 March 2011

The great march of 26th March

As it took us six hours to get to Hyde Park, I found the 250,000 figure that the BBC were quoting a little offensive, didn't you? This film shows the sheer scale of it.

This amazing video captures the true scale of the March 26 protest. Filmed by Paul Hanes over four hours and compressed into 23 minutes it shows the whole demonstration.

Our banner rushes past on the left at minute 16 - we thought we were pretty much at the end!

This demo has been a real confidence booster for us in the labour movement (and we do look a bit more like a movement now), and I think it should be pointed out how immense just UNISON's contingent alone was.

And as has been said many times already: imagine if we as a labour movement not only went on the march together, but also took strike action together.

Tower Hamlets UNISON and NUT have shown it can be done. More on that later.

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