Monday, 28 March 2011

Re-elected to NEC, 2011, unopposed!

I received written confirmation today that, as the only candidate for the Higher Education Service Group General seat, there will be no need for an election.

Obviously I'm delighted I won't need to run another election campaign so soon after the last one, and it's testament to all those who threw their weight behind me in the nomination period, winning nineteen nominating branches, none of them ruled out of order.

We ran a successful campaign last summer to win this seat and I tapped into that mood as the candidate representing a call for a new, fighting, democratic leadership - and as a product of a struggle at London Met Uni that put our branch into the limelight because we fought back against cuts in 2009.

Our successful campaign has shown there is a mood for a fighting leadership, and after the massive turnout on the streets of London on 26th March, that can no longer be disputed.

The current union leaders must tap into that mood and plan for a summer of resistance. No more messing around - as Mark Serwotka put it: "Imagine what it would be like if we didn't only march together, we took strike action together." Watch the short clip below, which gives a flavour of the mood:

This message and the vocal support for this view shown by this biggest gathering of trade unionists we've seen for a generation - has to be taken seriously by the leaders of all the unions.

If the current leaders won't fight and represent that mood, then surely they too will go the way of Aaron Porter. Porter failed to represent the fighting mood of his members last year, and was politically dead in the water, as I predicted he would be in December last year.

It's time to step up a gear, and because we cannot rely on the old guard to change their tune, I'll be campaigning for the support of all other candidates who are standing for the NEC elections for a Fighting, Democratic Union, and in particular Carole Hanson, for the Female HE seat.

Thanks again to all those who took the time to write endorsements, encouraged their branch to nominate me, and to all the well wishers.

I'll continue to report back here as I have been since I was first elected in November 2010. Accountability is critical for a more democratic union - so I'll try "to be the change I wish to see..."

Keep in touch.



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