What they say about Max

A random collection of nice (and not so nice) things said about Max Watson*
Jeremy Corbyn, MP: “very capable, responsible and professional in representing his members”.

'There is no plague virulent enough" for him.' Alison Wells, London Met Uni, Legal Secretary (2012-2014)

'Max is precisely the kind of person our union movement will have to fight tooth and nail to defend because he is the type of activist that we need in the workplace.' Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary

'Max and his cronies trying to make mischief (...) "bully-boy tactics of the 1970s unions', Paul Bowler, London Met Uni, Deputy Chief Exec

'Witch-hunts don't identify trouble-makers; they identify the heroes of our movement', PCS union NEC

""Ranting in 'true SWP style'", Jonathan Woodhead, executive officer to the vice-chancellor Malcolm Gilies and a former adviser to David Willetts, the universities and science minister

"A useful idiot of the SWP", MarshaJane Thompson, UNISON

'You could not find a fitter or better trade unionist than Max Watson', John McLoughlin, Tower Hamlets UNISON Branch Sec, and Local Govt SGE rep London

"Contemptible"... "disingenuous", I.W.G.B. (Anon).

"An evil, whinging, Trot." (John Gray, UNISON NEC)

"Subtle as a house-brick!" Andy Beech, UNISON HE SGE

"...he has assimilated a bureaucratic attitude (...) "hypocrisy and disingenuousness", Daniel Cooper, IWGB/ULU/AWL etc.

See also "I'm supporting Max Watson for NEC because..." (2010) and (2011)

*Inspired by 'The despicable Rogers'


  1. Get your quotation right Max. I thought you worked in academia! You were the one who called yourself “an evil, whinging, trot” not me. I just referred to you as a #whingingtrot and member of the #evilones. Mind you I think Marsha got it right about you being a useful idiot for the SWP. Why did she call you that? Is is because you are one of the rape apologists? Luv & kisses as always. John

  2. Max, all the best and solidarity in your appeal against redundancy this week. Hassina