Thursday, 24 March 2011

A striking worker is a happy worker!

Happy strikers at London Met Uni Jewry St building: UCU members enjoyed the support of their UNISON colleagues on their picket lines yesterday, 24th March.

This report gives a flavour of the national picture here, including at SOAS where UNISON members refused to cross picket lines.

On the UCU website is a report that Manchester Met management made security guards evict the pickets from the campus.

There was a lot of talk about 'shutting down' the education system but unless all the education staff - including the security guards - come out too, then that just won't happen. We cannot avoid that fact, and must instead build for coordinated action.

At London Met, those UNISON members who felt pressured into going to work wore these stickers to show their support, and many took the day off to avoid crossing picket lines.

The demo from LSE and rally at Downing St was really good - and our favourite MP, Jeremy Corbyn, did us proud by celebrating our Living Wage victory at London Met in his speech (cheers!).

Making our placards today for the big demo tomorrow. It'll probably be huge (the demo, not the placard), but hopefully see you there!

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