Monday, 21 March 2011

UnderMining Justice

Mikey Watts is one of the two film makers our branch paid to make our film when we were campaigning to save Hornsey Road Nursery at London Met Uni. Check it out:

Now he's raising money to make a new film, exposing the mining industry in Peru:

This film will tell the story of the first ever case to be brought in the UK against a British company for human rights abuses committed abroad. This year, lawyers representing claimants in Peru are taking British mining company Monterrico Metals to court over allegations of torture. The proposed film will follow the lawyers as they travel round Peru interviewing the victims and gathering evidence. The lawyers’ journey will act as a way into the lives of the claimants and their struggle to stop what could be one of the greatest ever environmental disasters to hit Peru.

Watch the clip and give generously.

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