Tuesday, 1 March 2011

We're marching for the Alternative on March 26th

Our branch committee recently had an 'Away Day' / Branch assessment training exercise at the London Region (thanks to the brilliant Alice Dawney), which was a great way to plan for the year ahead, go through our achievements in the last year - what worked well and what less so well - and of course pledge to March for the Alternative on March 26th.

The focus of a great deal of our work must now be towards building for this demo. It has to be huge, but also see the launch of a summer of resistance and a program of action that doesn't stop with a big demo from 'a' to 'b'.

After all, the Stop the War Coalition marched people up to the top of the hill... but we were marched down again.

This movement must be different. So, see you there, for starters.

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