Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tell Patrick McGhee, VC of UEL, what you think about him sacking Unite rep Tony Britton

Prof Patrick McGhee

Prof Patrick McGhee


Vice-Chancellor of University of East London. Chair of Million+, Member of HEFCE TQSE and UUK Board. NTF. Own Views

London, UK ·


Many UNISON HE representatives will know Tony Britton, who has been a long standing member of the Unite Education National Committee and Unite New JNCHES negotiator. Tony was until last week senior Unite representative at University of East London.


Tony was suspended by the University last April for what in my view are spurious charges relating to his job. I believe the issues are more firmly connected to Tony's role as trade union representative and have been brought about to undermine Tony and Unite the union at University of East London.

I have written to the UEL the following email:

From: Max Watson
Date: 16 November 2012 11:06
Subject: Congratulations

Dear Patrick & Dusty,

I want to congratulate you: I usually only email about UNISON reps, as I'm not a member of Unite, and I'm extremely busy, but you have managed to move me into putting pen to paper in protest at the treatment of Tony Britton the Unite steward at UEL, who I understand you have sacked. Well done!

I will be circulating the information to the entire branch of London Met UNISON members - we thought things were bad here, but it will at least put things in perspective that at least the management here have not tried to victimize our union reps.

I will also be telling as many UNISON stewards up and down the country what you are doing at UEL. We in the labour movement consider this an attack on all of us, and we will not allow it to pass.

I have known Tony through pay negotiations at a national level. He is reasonable and polite but determined to do right for his members. I suppose those UCEA negotiators will hear about this too, in good time.

I note Tony has been with UEL for 35 years. If that is the way you treat long standing members of staff with unblemished record, I'd hate to see how you treat new staff with lateness issues. What a disgraceful way to behave.

It's not too late for you to reconsider, and find a way to immediately redress this injustice, and reinstate Tony as soon as is possible within your procedures. Please get back to me with confirmation that Tony Britton will be back at work and a date for his start, plus an apology for all the hurt and distress caused.




You might like to contact the Vice Chancellor Professor Patrick McGhee email him on or 'phone 02082237307 to complain about Tony's treatment.

Better still copy in the new Pro Vice Chancellor, Dusty Amroliwala [] or ring him direct on 020 8223 2286 or contact him on his mobile 07957 218950. Under Mr Amroliwala's new leadership trade union relations at University of East London have taken an entirely new direction. Downwards!


Tony had 35 years service with University of East London.


Unite is fighting Tony's case as hard as possible. Solicitors are engaged in preparing a case for a trade union discriminated dismissal. If proven such a dismissal would be one of the most heinous acts against working people.


Solidarity forever!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Senate House: 3 Cosas Campaign - Equal Rights for Outsourced workers!

Once again 'Reel News' have produced a fantastic film, really inspiring story of cleaners fighting for equal rights at work at Senate House, which can be used for all those in the labour movement, especially those in HE UNISON looking to run a Living Wage Campaign. Our policy says 'A Living Wage is not enough - it's just the beginning ... ' Check out the Senate House cleaners '3 cosas' campaign here: And check out Reel News here:
"The Unversity of London - one of the most prestigious unversities in the country, with a liberal reputation. Yet it doesn't even give its outsourced workers basic human rights. Having won the London Living wage in a long struggle, the UNISON outsourced workers are now demanding a pension, sick pay and more holidays, just like any other worker at the university. Watch this film to hear from the outsourced workers themselves and see what you can do to support them - and come to the protest at Senate House on November 28. Additional footage: Andrea Castillo, UCL Anthropology student"