Sunday, 3 April 2011

Vote for a fighting, democractic union

This short film was made for my election campaign for a 'Fighting, democratic union', and then I found out that no other candidate is standing for the post. It seems a waste to bin it, so here it is. It was in January when the students movement was leading the way in the fight against the cuts.

I was invited to speak at the rally on behalf of UNISON's HE sector. At the time there was an argument within the unions that we should only be supporting the TUC march in Manchester, not the demo on London too, but we won the argument to build for both, and the turn out was good in two cities. Seems like a long time ago now:

As I reported at the time, I was speaking as the march was leaving so cut it very short and the audience was left dwindling and wanting to leave, so the crowd looks tiny!

The elections are coming up, so I'll be out and about campaigning for those other candidates like me, who are calling for a new direction for our union and a fighting leadership. Let me know if you want leaflets.

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