Sunday, 10 April 2011

UNISON left slate - website launched

UNISON left has launched a new website for the NEC elections, 2011.

We are angry at the Con Dem attacks on the Welfare State and public services. They are trying to make ordinary people like us pay for the economic crisis created by bankers’ greed.

While our jobs, pay and services are cut, millionaires dodge taxes and bankers get billions in bonuses. Thousands of us marched against cuts on the 26th of March – but what next? With fighting leadership UNISON can unite public sector unions and users and organise real resistance. The present leadership have failed to lead action to stop the Tory assault.

  • Resistance to all cuts and privatisation
  • United industrial action to defend our pensions & a coordinated fight against the Tory pay freeze
  • Opposition to all attempts to divide us – like Cameron’s attack on multiculturalism
  • Only funding and supporting politicians who will join us in the fight against cuts. Labour councils should refuse to carry out Tory cuts and set needs budgets.
  • Ending the waste of members’ money on witchhunting of left wing activists

We are experienced activists from many backgrounds. Unlike the present leadership – who are quick with words but slow to lead action – we don’t just say it, we do it. Vote for us and build the fight against cuts and to protect jobs, pay, pensions and services. Elect a team for the battle to come.

Read the rest here, and share this with all your contacts in UNISON. The left will only win seats if all our activists get engaged in these elections - not just the usual suspects. I'll be getting leaflets out to several London HE branches this week, so get in touch if you can help an hour or so here or there.

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