Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tower Hamlets coordinated strike action - March 30th 2011

Excellent 'Reel News' footage of Tower Hamlets UNISON / NUT coordinated strike action on March 30th 2011.

We managed to get our banner out to join the demo as it came past London Met and then go into the lunchtime rally, which was really inspiring. It really felt like they'd really mobilized the community to support this day of action in the east end.

And shows that we can build for coordinated strike action. Watch this, and imagine if we did this nationally:

The quality of my (hand-held) footage is not great, but you get a good feel for the size and mood of the rally on the inside:

Second part of the speech is here:

Other speeches (PCS, NUT), also called for nationally coordinated strike action, and I hope Keith Sonnet, who spoke for UNISON, will take that message back to the presidential team...

There is a mood to fight, and Tower Hamlets have shown it can be done.

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