Thursday, 29 March 2012

UCU/NUT strike M28 pix and reports

It was a lovely day to be marching through London in solidarity with the UCU and NUT yesterday.

See more excellent pix from 'HappyMarx' here and for a more longer report and analysis from NUT NEC member Martin Powell-Davies. Finally, couldn't agree more with Jon Rogers, who concludes:
"UNISON members should reflect on this positive example from sister unions of members in London taking a positive lead in a fight with the Tory Government. Imagine the profile that the largest public service union might have in our capital city if it were radical and progressive."
My tuppence: the current silence from the Government - and UNISON 's negotiators - on the LGPS is deafening and getting louder by the day. If we don't get some kind of news soon, it looks like we're in a bit of a Pickles...

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