Friday, 23 March 2012

One day's strike action won't be enough - it will be sustained

"To those who say, 'name the day', I say a day won't be enough, this coalition won't move with just one day of action. (...) Strike action will need to be sustained... the fight of our lives... It's a fight that we will win."

Either one day was enough, and the government significantly budged after 30th November, or we haven't really won very much at all. Which is it? When we finally get a ballot on any final offers, we should be honest with our members about the results of the so called 'fight of our lives'. IMHO

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  1. I understand that now "Our first priority has to be to stop the decreases in our members' pay," ( and that the great and the good are meeting yesterday and today to develop a strategy.

    I wonder if it will involve a single day of action with impressive recruitment figures before and during followed by a shameful capitulation?