Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Solidarity with UCU and NUT in London today

"The fight over pensions isn't over. We must do all we can to rebuild the unity we saw on 30 November. I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with workers from the UCU and the NUT unions on the demonstration." See the full report here.

Whilst many UNISON members in HE will be fustrated at not being out today (judging from HE conference) there is still plenty you can do to support UCU and NUT on strike over pensions. If like me you've arranged to have the day off rather than cross a picket line, it's important to bring banners and placards on to the demo to show support from your union branch:

Demonstrate with the strikers: Assemble 11am, Malet Street, central London to march to the Department for Education

Or you can do a wokrplace collection if you've not been able to get off work and call a meeting to discuss our own dispute and the apparent impasse we're in (and ask why we're not on strike when the UCU are). Keep in informed, keep in touch. See you in Malet St?

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