Friday, 3 July 2015

I joined the Labour Party #Jeremy4Leader

(c) David Hardman

I joined the Labour party less then a week after the Tories took power on May 7th as I didn't want to be disenfranchised when it came to the leadership contest. Also, I wanted a voice in the London Mayoral candidate selection.

At first I thought I may as well abstain in the Blairite beauty contest until suddenly some bloke called Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat in the ring and electrified the debate.

This photo is of us sharing a joke at one of our many rallies defending jobs and education at London Met Uni just before the leadership race began.

You can rely on Jeremy - we have done for years in our branch - and not just to make us laugh...

In fact I realise now we've taken him for granted. Like withdrawing your labour, you notice things most when they're gone. And as he has been up and down the country talking in debates and hustings I believe the last three days of strike action at London Met Uni are the first three days he has not visited our picket lines in solidarity.

He deserves our total support and I hope others will join Labour to reclaim it from the cuckoos in the nest.

I have my first constituency party meeting tonight where I'll be voting for Jeremy as a card carrying member of the Labour Party.

Wish me luck!

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