Tuesday, 3 February 2015

‎Vote for a Campaigning and Democratic UNISON! Vote to fight for Fair Pay!

‎Regional convenor
John Burgess, Barnet LG

Deputy regional convenor
April Ashley, Southwark

Regional Finance
Hugo Pierre, Camden

Regional publicity
Phoebe Watkins, Camden LG

Regional equalities 
Angela Boyle, Lambeth LG

Regional committee 
George Binette, Glenn Kelly, John McLoughlin

Women's seats:
Mandy Berger, Sonya Howard, Rosemary Plummer, Phoebe Watkins

TUC delegation: Mandy Berger

NDC: Andrew Berry & Phoebe Watkins

National Standing Orders Committee: Andrew Berry

‎Vote for a Campaigning and Democratic UNISON! Vote to fight for Fair Pay!

The candidates listed above, who are standing in tomorrow's elections (at the London Regional AGM) are united in opposition to the pay freeze.

UNISON members in health ‎and local government have shown their willingness to take strike action for fair pay in the past year.

Unfortunately our negotiators have consulted members on unsatisfactory pay offers without an honest recommendation to reject - UNISON has been failing to deliver the fair pay for which our members are willing to fight.

Some of our leaders believe in "partnership" with employers - what UNISON members need is a trade union which will stand up for ‎our members' pay and jobs and a leadership which will lead a fight.

(Alternatively, if you believe the above are "ultra left evil ones" then vote for more of the same).

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