Tuesday, 24 February 2015

'Reclaim the Union': Left Caucus - pre Higher Education conference Wed 25th Feb

There will be a left caucus meeting at 6pm at Cue Gardens (BD6 1BJ) on Wednesday 25th Feb - the night before Conference.

We don’t anticipate this lasting much longer than an hour and a half, (depending on the nature of the issues we have to deal with). This should leave everyone with enough time to head back to the hotel or into town should they wish to eat/drink/sleep. etc.

We’ll require some small donations to cover the cost of the meeting room, which is booked all evening for those who wish to stay behind after the meeting to socialise (no UNISON resources will be spent on this).

If you aren't due to arrive in Bradford until later in the evening please feel free to contact Max on 07793 145754 or Patrick on 07757 915874 for a quick run through of what was discussed, whether on the phone or in the Conference hotel later.

Spread the word - see you there? This is an open meeting for left UNISON activists.

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