Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Staff want to stay ‘Proud to be London Met’ … the VC says we’re not allowed to be!

Education not privatisation – UNISON members say NO to 'Shared Services', outsourcing through the back door (photo (c) David Hardman – use with permission only).

Members of UNISON yesterday launched a new campaign against the current Shared Services proposals at London Met.

Launching the campaign with a series of emails to the Vice Chancellor in which members collectively stated:

"I am 'Proud to be London Met' but the current proposals for Shared Services mean I will 'Not allowed to be London Met' – I will have a different employer. This is not just a problematic marketing point but an important change in my contract of employment which I refuse to accept."

See the full letter here:

Members have been appalled to learn that five large multinational companies are bidding for a multimillion pound contract to 'redesign' the support service functions of the university and 'explore' a shared services model via a new company. Job cuts are inevitable as a result.

Read the rest here.

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