Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th at London Met truly a nightmare

Dear Malcolm,

Having just received an 'at risk of redundancy' email from the Director of HR, Lyn Link - along with 1,984 others members of staff - I felt compelled to write to you directly, despite the fact this email did not come from you.

Late last year, when you spoke to the all staff forums, you committed to reviewing your own pay and that of your Senior Management Team. Can I remind you of your commitment, particularly considering since the Beaman's review in which yours were identified as being in the 'upper quartile'? I'll forward this email to all unison members to remind them of your commitment to considering a pay cut - how much exactly are the London Met VC & Deputies paid at present? - and also to remind all members that we have identified a £1.3M saving if you were to cap salaries at a reasonable level.

Can you also let us know who is to be held accountable for 'over recruiting' this academic year, how much the fine from HEFCE will be?

Can I also ask why it was your Deputy VC who yesterday told 'all staff' that another 229 jobs were at risk. And why did he say that the staff who were at risk of redundancy had already been informed of this yesterday when in fact we have only just received an email today from Lyn Link.

So exactly how many saw the email from Peter yesterday and thought: "Phew: I haven't got one so I'm all right." And then today, "Oh, wait, I have!" (The answer is 1,984). One thousand, nine hundred and eighty four of your staff!

Can I suggest that whilst you may see these actions as necessary, which of course we don't, and added to all of the fiasco around your latest S188 announcement (at least give the email to all staff a meaningful subject header), plus your tendering to farm out the entire support staff functions, this Friday 13th at London Met truly is a nightmare.

Congratulations, you've surpassed all your predecessors in that regard! We have had a few nightmares before this week, after all. I'm sure our staff will be celebrating in style this year indeed.

I look forward to your response and to meeting you again soon.



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