Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Service Group Executive elections & accountability

Dear UNISON HE contacts,

First off, APOLOGIES - many of you have emailed me asking "What is going on?", and why the pension dispute has suddenly gone quiet? I said I would write a report of the recent SGE meeting that led to this statement going out last week:

I have recently been reminded about collective responsibility already, and as I already made it clear where I stood before the meeting you won't need me to remind you how I voted, so I'll be very careful about what I say here. And as I've been landed with a local Nightmare at London Met, which combines a 'jobs massacre' with the dreaded Shared Services... So I'm a little snowed under (again).

I'm always on the phone so call me to discuss any time:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7320 3010
Mob: (UNISON): +44 (0) 7949 039 187

Finally, if you want to know how your SGE Reps voted then ask them! After all they are accountable to you, the members!

The nomination period for election of the union's service group executives is already open and closes at 5pm on Friday 17 February 2012. The election procedures and forms are available to download on the UNISON website at:

For any other election enquiries, contact the member liaison unit at the UNISON Centre. Telephone 020 7121 5312, email

If you don't like recent HE SGE decisions then talk to your colleagues about who is standing and ask them what they stand for. You can also pass a motion calling for a special conference to re-open the debate.

Contact me if you want to discuss standing for elections - go for it I say!

Once the nomination period is over, the lefties among us will collate a list of candidates we're backing. So send me your info so we can all support each other if you are standing for a Fighting, Democratic union! 



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