Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Higher Education Pay 2011 Final Offer

Higher Education Pay 2011 Final Offer

The latest pay bulletin can be downloaded from the link below which gives an update on the recent higher education pay talks. Please distribute this widely to members. The University and Colleges Employer’s Association (UCEA) made a final offer of £150 on all pay scale points. The UNISON negotiating team expressed their disappointment at the offer and said that it failed to meet our members’ expectations on pay. A special meeting of the Higher Education Service Group is being convened shortly to consider the UNISON response to the offer and to consider what further action to take.

HE Pay Bulletin - Final Pay Offer 2011

The Higher Ed Service Group Exec group is going to meet by the end of July to discuss this latest insult from the employer. My view is we on the exec should recommend to our members to that we reject it.

My position on this is very clear: give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

What about you? Let me know before 26th July.

See also press release:

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  1. you are right... you can also find latest Higher Education alerts online.