Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kingsley Abrams - good old Lambeth

I no longer live in Lambeth but I was born and brought up in that borough, so I'm delighted to hear about the resistance to the cuts there. Firstly a lone brave councillor who voted against the cuts, Kingsley Abrams. Hear why he took this stance here:

Then there was an occupation of the Town Hall. Good old Lambeth (read more here from Jon Rogers).

At the NEC yesterday I had to leave early to Chair my own branch AGM, but the issue of defying the Tory cuts in Labour councils by setting 'needs budgets' was raised (obviously there are wildly differing views on this). I hope we hear of many more courageous councillors like Kingsley.

I'll report back from the little I did get to discuss at the NEC shortly.

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