Friday, 19 November 2010

Vote Sandy Nicholl London seat SGE by-election

For those in the London Region of UNISON’s Higher Education sector there's another by-election being held for the Service Group Executive.

I'm supporting Sandy Nichol for this seat because he's an inspiration, a well respected and experienced activist of a high profile branch (SOAS) with a good record of activism and campaign work; whose members once walked out in solidarity with Sandy when he was victimised and they saw him quickly returned to work; he has years of experience but still has fire in his belly; he is also funny and intelligent and can talk to anybody on the level; he does an excellent job as Chair of London Region Higher Education Committee too, and I hope very much to be able to join him as a co-representative of HE on the Service Group Exec for Higher Ed.

I'll never forget National Delegates Conference, 2009 when I was a delegate for the first time, and hearing Sandy speak passionately against a raid at SOAS and the deportation of some cleaners who'd been organised by his branch.

The solidarity his branch showed with those cleaners facing deportation was exemplary: they'd won a recognition agreement, as well as a Living Wage, and since then branch after branch in London has learned the lessons of their struggle and gone on to win a Living Wage.

Sandy has a large number of nominating branches - indicating his strong standing in the sector, and I've no doubt he'll do very well. But hat doesn't mean we can take this election for granted.

I urge you to not only vote for Sandy but go out and actively campaign for him too.


  1. Agree completely with Max! As a union rep in a nearby branch I have found Sandy to be an invaluable source of support and advice. Considering the amount of work Sandy does for his branch and for HE in London, the fact that he is willing to give up his time to help other union reps says it all. I think he would do a great job of representing us on the SGE. He is very good at speaking up for union members, but also listens to what other people have to say and can have constructive discussions with people who disagree with him. I would urge anyone in a UNISON HE branch in London to vote for Sandy, and tell the rest of your branch that you voted for him and why.
    Naomi Bain, Birkbeck UNISON (personal capacity)

  2. Congratulations to Sandy, who won the London SGE by-Election (anyone got the full results?). Look forward to having him on board. And not only Sandy Nicholl, but also Matt Rain, from Birmingham, representing the west midlands. Nice one. Cheers, Max