Monday, 15 November 2010

A new era has begun (results)

We did it! Winning this NEC by-election has vindicated the work of all the activists who went out over the last few weeks to talk to our members about fighting back and winning.

[UPDATE 17.11.2010: We increased the turnout to 11.4%, which is key to our success: we mobilised members to vote in an election they wouldn't normally notice. So, we convinced 2,012 members to vote for the fighting candidate, Max Watson, whilst Wendy Craig also got a (relatively high) 1,867 - pretty close! So, out of all the NEC by-elections, this was the highest turnout (ranging from 2% to 10%). That's partly due to so much going on in Higher Ed, and with such deep cuts to our sector (and local disputes over job cuts), members are angry enough to elect a fighting representative. It's also partly due to our very proactive campaign, which reached members that other candidates couldn't reach ... so thanks again for all the support.]

We must believe we can win this fight back against the government just as we believed we could win this election.

Last week students and education workers not only smashed the windows of Millbank Tower but also shattered any illusions that we would accept these ConDem cuts without a fight.

In the summer I had been told when I announced I'd stand that Higher Education UNISON members are a conservative lot, (with a small 'c' obviously), and that we'd never get a left candidate onto the NEC.

By winning this seat, we've also smashed that myth to bits.

We're in a new era: members of UNISON will be looking to those who are willing to lead a fight back. Those not willing or able to get involved in this resistance, those who haven't the stomach to stand up to the ConDem onslaught, should step aside and let others take their place.

A Million thanks to everyone who voted and especially those who campaigned for a 'fighting, democratic UNISON', for a candidate committed to speaking up on your behalf, and to leading a fight back against the ConDem cuts.

I promise not to do a Clegg - I'll be keeping to my pledges as I'm now mandated to do. To keep an eye on me - make sure I don't sell you all out! - you should email me; be my Facebook 'Friend'; and I'm still getting the hang of it but if you're a Twitter then 'follow' me at, for updates and reports from the NEC.

We're still waiting for the full results, which I'll post as soon as I get them. For the other NEC by-election results, check out Marsha-Jane's blog first, as they're not supposed to be on UNISON's website until 17th (whoops)!

Commiserations to all the other left candidates, and of course to Wendy Craig who I met recently in Birmingham and I wish all the best fighting the cuts up in Newcastle.

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  1. Thanks Max, Congratulations on your win! We need to fight as hard as ever and ofcourse we'll keep you to your word. Or at least I know I will. Still not been told officially but I have it on good authority ;)
    Wendy Craig

    And I certainly am NOT a b'"£$%!"£$ Conservative!! Even with a little 'c'