Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Re-elected onto the NEC - Reclaim the Union leaflet for Higher Education

Download our A5 leaflet as a PDF here.
I'm happy to announce I've been re-elected unopposed to ‪‎UNISON‬'s National Executive Council so I can continue representing Higher Education in the General Seat for another two years. 

Thanks to all in the 17 branches who nominated me this year - it's great to have so much support from the leading, active branches. As I'd suggested at the time, it was never clear if anyone would get more than two branch nominations to stand against me.

So the task now is to ensure we also re-elect Tomasa Bullen back onto the Higher Education female seat and vote for all Reclaim the Union candidates. I've enjoyed working closely with Tomasa - she's a fantastic allay to have on side.

So 'Reclaim the Union' have produced our own leaflets for Higher Education, which include the full left slate for regions on the back as well as the national black members candidates on the front (see image).

They'll be in the post to anyone who wants to help keep Higher Ed flying the flag of resistance to austerity and anyone who wants to see a union with real teeth, not just a dental plan.

And with the recent Local Government Special Conference going completely our way (see the prolific Jon Rogers' own account and helpful collection of links here) there is, in my view, all to play for.

Whilst there are notable pockets of local branches bravely resisting the cuts we all face, imagine what a national UNISON with a decent leadership could achieve? Get involved if you want to make that a reality.

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