Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Institutional Racism in Higher Ed: "Why isn't my Professor Black", still?

There are just 85 black professors out of nearly 20,000 in the UK and this number has barely changed in eight years. That’s 0.4%, which clearly shows a disparity with the proportion of black students. This figure has increased steadily each year and now stands at 6%.
This petition highlights the need for change.

Watch the debate at UCL here:

UNISON HE passed a motion about challenging this blatant 'Institutional racism' in 2014. There is not a lot of change to speak of especially if you consider this report was in 2011.

Exactly the same percentage (0.4%) of professors were black in 2011, as now in 2014. Wow! What little progress we've made. If we are to 'be the change we wish to see' we must listen carefully to those black academics, students and activists who are asking why there are just 80 black professors - and indeed just 15(!) black women professors in the UK out of 20,000.

There are lots of cases of discrimination worthy of note like this one at Brunel: What can we learn about these?

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