Friday, 13 June 2014

Left candidates re-elected to HE SGE

I'm delighted the left did very well in Higher Ed Service Gourp Elections elections again. Many congratulations to those who saw off right wing  (or less left wing, I suppose) challenges:

1. Sandy Nicoll: London General seat
2. Molly Cooper: London Female seat
3. Linda Holden: North West female

Left candidates elected unopposed were: 

4. Consuelo Morena: London low paid female seat
5. Kath Owen: Yorkshire and Humber female seat
6. Sarah Pickett: South east female seat
7. Andy Beech: North West general seat

They join the two left candidates on the NEC (who were elected last year) for the HE seats

8. Tomasa Bullen (NEC HE Female Seat)
9. Max Watson (NEC HE General Seat)

Unfortunately the two left candidates who were unsuccessful in their challenges to the incumbents were:

Mark Dee Smith: Eastern general
Ivan Bonsell: South East general

I will write an analysis of this when I get the chance. Until then, as someone who has been fighting hard to re-electing our London slate, all I will say is ... YES! :-)

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