Friday, 21 March 2014

Justice for Cleaners at SOAS - UNISON members on strike for third day

UNISON cleaners at SOAS are taking a third day of strike action today in their ongoing fight for justice. 

I spoke to Lenin Escudero Zarsoza this morning on their picket line (photo) and asked him about the latest offer from ISS for improved terms:

"It was not an offer, it was an insult. We rejected it unanimously, and it just made the members more angry, more determined to carry on fighting for justice."

"Firstly ISS said 'call off the strike and we can talk', then this insult. They need to make a real offer then we can talk."

The SOAS cleaners in their fight for justice continue to be an inspiration to all trade unionists. 

This is a really important struggle that we must win. So please go to the Justice for Cleaners SOAS Facebook page for more info on how you can support. 

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