Wednesday, 20 November 2013

“Strikes at the drop of a hat”: struggle for justice not over

Today is the TUC Day of action against blacklisting. Thousands of workers were condemned to unemployment by being put on a blacklist in an ongoing travesty of justice. We observed the similarities of their struggle when I was suspended from work this year with two of my colleagues

The LRD have an interesting article giving some background to the Blacklist. 

Struggle for justice is far from over 
On the second anniversary of legislation intended to control blacklisting, Labour Research finds that the law is failing to deliver proper redress to those whose lives have been devastated by the practice — which, campaigners say, continues. 
Electrician Alan Keyes had not been able to get work in the London construction industry since working on London Underground’s Jubilee Line extension in 2000. In 2009 he found out why — an 18-page file kept by the infamous blacklisting service The Consulting Association (TCA). 
Entries on his file included “do not employ”; “militant” and “strikes at the drop of a hat”. 
TCA’s blacklist of more than 3,200 construction workers — overwhelmingly trade unionists — was uncovered following a raid by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in February 2009. 

UNISON (and other affiliated union) members can read the full article online if signed in. And make sure you affiliate to the LRD if your branch hasn't already done so - we need them now more than ever. The article has a copyright to the LRD so do not reproduce it without their permission. 

Good luck to the Blacklist support group - their fight is our fight. 

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