Monday, 10 December 2012

Save The Women's Library film

The Women's Library in Whitechapel is STILL threatened with closure, with its collection (the largest and most extensive collection of women's history in Europe) going to the LSE. Please join the campaign to keep it in its purpose-built home. More info:
This is yet another fantastically produced 'Reel News' film. If you can bung Reel News some money to help them continue to churn out films like this for our movement please do. See here: Please note that whilst UNISON members have safeguarded our remaining jobs that were initially at risk, and our local branch are now in negotiations with LSE regarding transfer of T&C's, the campaign to keep the library itself in Old Castle St in its beautiful purpose built home keeps going strong, thanks to some very dedicated campaigners, some of whom featured in this film. Not too late to get involved if you can:

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