Monday, 24 September 2012

We can do it too!

"Creating a feminist reality doesn't just mean women are empowered to "do it all", it also requires that men step up and share some of the real work!"
I've got the pleasure of having some additional time off work for paternity leave at the moment, and won't be back at work full time again until 15th October.

So if you're contacting me to invite me to speak at a branch meeting, demo or rally about the ballot for strike action for fair pay - or generally as an elected UNISON NEC member to help build the TUC demo on 20th - then thanks for thinking of me but I really am tied up and look at bit like this dude on the left right now...

Additional paternity leave is a right we fought for and won, and eventually was quietly introduced last year (covering babies born after 3rd April 2011) so that women can share their parenting leave with men for the first 12 months of a child's life. I'm lucky in that regards, in terms of timing.

Has your workplace updated their policies in line with this new law? UNISON has some helpful guidance from their Bargaining Support Group here:

Maternity Support Leave / Paternity Leave - Unison

If you wanted to get hold of me as the Chair of London Met Uni UNISON Branch then go here for the contact details of the branch Vice-Chair, Eddie Rowley, who is doing an amazing job deputising for me in the interim (during extremely difficult times - so be nice!).

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