Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Elect Claire Locke #1 for NUS President!

Claire Locke has been an inspiration for London Met students and staff alike. Her energy, instinctive common sense and her dynamism know no bounds. She took our Students Union by storm in 2010 when she was elected Communications officer and then President, and has achieved a huge amount - especially important for us has been the building of really close links between staff and students.

When we fought against job cuts last year Claire was instrumental in passing policy through her union to support our strike, even though some argued it would 'harm the students'; she supported our Living Wage campaign, despite the cuts at London Met to student services, and was on the picket lines again on our fight for decent pensions - we know we can always rely on her support when needed.

She is articulate, passionate and absolutely solid - UNISON members in HE couldn't have a better advocate within the student movement. She's one of us.

So I'm delighted she is standing for NUS President and very much hope all the activist groups rally round her campaign, put their differences aside, and do the right thing. Elect Claire Locke #1 for NUS President!

I am running in this election because I want a national leadership that will fight for our future.

I have been a representative of London Met Students' Union for two years. London Met is the most working class university in the country, and has more black and ethnic minority students at it than the whole of the Russell Group combined. We have been hit with 70% course cuts, and the total removal ...of subjects like history, philosophy and performing arts. Our staff have faced a jobs massacre, and student and disability services have been attacked.

As a mature student from a working class background, I don't think that studying is something that should be left only to the rich. The privatisation of education, healthcare and other public services is regressive step that will increase the class divide.

These attacks are a disaster for ordinary people, and for society. Time and time again, NUS has failed to fight effectively for education. Last year we were denied national mobilisation, forcing grass roots students to fight back with limited resources and support. We need a union that is willing to take the fight to the Tories, not sit back and let politicians destroy our society.

I stand for:
- Quality, publicly funded education for all; access to student resources and support should not be dictated by the size of your bank balance.
- Free choice; people from working class backgrounds should not be forced to study vocational style degrees.
- National mobilisation; to plan effective resistance and challenge the government's plans.
- Local fightback; we need access to support and clear strategies to fight cuts on campus NOW!
- United resistance; building relationships with our staff unions so we can collectively fight to save our learning communities.
- Equality; fight for the right of every student to be treated with equal value regardless of race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic background.
- Fighting racism and fascism; these are unacceptable on any level.

Claire Locke #1 for NUS President!

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