Thursday, 12 May 2011

If music be the food of protest, play on...

The great thing about the recent protests at London Met have been the signing and the chanting - not because UNISON stewards have been on training, but because one of the courses to be cut is Performing Arts. So you can watch (Prof of Music) VC Malcolm Gillies avoiding these singing students as he refuses to meet and talk with them (he'd prefer a more classical tune, apparently):

You can see their occupation rally (with more singing) here:

And their unceremonious eviction (at midnight!) - without any singing or chanting - on Holloway Road, here:

Inspired, us in UNISON have been supporting the students in their legitimate protest against cuts as best we can and it looks like it's having some results too: There will be another lobby on the 19th, when the Board of Governors will be discussing these cuts again (they'd said before this was a done deal, so it looks like we may still win some concessions).

Watch this space for details. And sign this petition to show your support.

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