Sunday, 3 October 2010

Marching against Tory cuts in Birmingham

Had a great demo today in Birmingham against the Tory cuts – despite the relentless rain.

Saw dozens of UNISON branch banners and met up with HE activists from Birmingham, SOAS and Manchester Metropolitan. Heard all about their goings on as well as of course, handing out hundreds of leaflets.

The most encouraging conversation was with a UCU member carrying this beautiful banner (left), of the William Morris style. At the beginning of term time, he told me, they usually have about ten new students enrolled onto the introduction to shop stewards training course. This term they had 31 - a really good sign that people are getting involved.

The BBC reports Mark Serwotka, of the PCS, spoke about strike action to "turn the tide" against the cuts:

"Strikes are inevitable. We are stronger if we get together. Striking together will not just happen on its own. We need to plan it now. We need our union stewards meeting now in every town and every city and we've got to start planning."

If only UNISON had backed this march and our leadership were making similar calls to action...

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